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Lentil Soup (Shurbat Cadas) Soupe de Lentilles شربة عدس

Lentil Soup - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Lentil Soup The moment we tasted the hot bowl of lentil soup in one of our favourite restaurants in Istanbul, we decided it was going to be the next recipe to post. That day, we had just finished a long walking tour of Sultanahmet, including a visit to the Grand…

Chicken Recipe: Soup (Barooddo Digaag) Soupe de Poulet شوربة الدجاج

Chicken Recipe - Soup 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Chicken Soup Of the many soups that we prepare, this is by far the most popular among our guests. When we prepared the soup for this post, we had family come over to visit that day. We served them the soup but our nephew declined, saying that he did not…

Vegetable Soup (Barooddo Qudaar) Soupe de Légumes شربة خضار

Vegetable Soup (Barooddo Qudaar) شربة خضار

  We learned how to make this soup from Hooyo¹ Fadumo Abdulle (Abdullahi’s mother). Hooyo Fadumo is an amazing cook but her story with cooking did not have the greatest start. Actually, it began with an embarrassing experience. Even though born and raised in Mogadishu, she comes from a family of pastoralists (reer miyi). At…

Oat & Meat Soup (Shurbad) Soupe à l’Avoine et à la Viande شوربة الشوفان باللحم

Barley Soup (Shurbad) شوربة الحب - القمح

  There are foods we associate with certain occasions, and this soup is one such dish. Shurbad is synonymous with Ramadan (the month of fasting for Muslims). For breaking the fast, you need a highly nutritious dish that will catapult you from the world of the barely living to the heights of energetic vigour (assuming you…

Sorghum Porridge (Mishaari Masaggo) Porridge au Sorgho شوربة السورغم

Sorghum Porridge (Mishaaro Masaggo)  شوربة السورغم

  Sorghum porridge is one of those traditional dishes that are very popular in many parts of Somalia. With the addition of buttermilk, sugar, and ghee, it is considered a very nutritious meal. That is why it is one of the essential Ramadan dishes for iftar (breaking the fast). Porridge (mishaari), whether made from wheat…

Lamb Soup for the Soul (Fuud Ari) Bouillon d’Agneau pour l’âme

Somali Lamb Soup (Fuud Ari)

If you go to a Somali restaurant, you’ll probably be welcomed with a small bowl of hot broth. Sometimes it is chicken broth but more often than not it is lamb broth. It won’t be the cheese-laden, cream-filled variety; the traditional Somali soup is simple and very aromatic. Somalis usually don’t prepare this soup as…

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