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Laddu (Laddu) Laddu لَدّو

Sesame Peanut Laddu - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Laddu www.xawaash.com Laddu is but one of the delicacies that was brought by Indian immigrants who settled in Brava, Somalia. They brought their typical dishes which were adapted based on locally available ingredients. In Brava, laddu was prepared with different combinations of the following: ground sesame seeds, ground peanuts, rice flour,…

Lamb Stew (Maraq Ari) مرق لحم غنم

Lamb Stew 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali عربي Lamb Stew www.xawaash.com These past few days, it has been raining quite hard. We love watching heavy downpours when we are staying at home, curled up in a blanket, and having no need to go outside. These heavy rains coincide with the Gu which is the main rainy season (April to June)…

Kalamudo (Kalaamuddo) Kalamudo كَـلامُـدّة

Kalamudo 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Kalamudo www.xawaash.com When Leila’s mother, Maedo, came from the UK to visit us for a few days last week, it was only natural that we would prepare the video for Kalamudo that many of you have been requesting for so long. She told us that instead of repeating the previous recipe,…

Bun & Toor (Bun & Toor) Grains de café entiers frits بن وخلطة العَمْبُولُو

Bun & Toor 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Fried Whole Coffee Beans www.xawaash.com Bun or bun sharuur is whole coffee beans with hull that are deep fried in ghee or oil. For Somalis, it is a delicacy that many associate with rituals. It is deeply tied to religious ceremonies whether small or large. Whenever there are prayer gatherings and…

Ambulo (Cambuulo) Ambulo عَمْبُولُو

Ambulo 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Ambulo www.xawaash.com My most memorable meal was not the one that I had at a fancy restaurant. It was a plate of beans and rice that I had in Mareer Gur, Somalia. It was the most satisfying meal ever! Somalis call it “federation”, a federation of grains. In the early hours…

Sandwich Cookies (Buskud Lamaane) Biscuits Sandwich / Spritz بيتي فور بالمربى

Sandwich Cookies 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Sandwich Cookies www.xawaash.com “Your bill is $2,050. How would you like to pay, Sir?” I was at the dealership to get a new set of tires and new brake pads for our car. That was a hefty amount and I grudgingly paid it. It left a sour taste in my mouth…

Somali Chutney (Shidni) Chutney Somali الشتني الصومالي

Somali Chutney 1

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Somali Chutney www.xawaash.com This is not everyday Somali food. Not even a once-in-a-month thing, unless you frequent Somali restaurants. This chutney is consumed on special occasions which explains why some Somalis know it as Basbaas Alla-bari (feast hot sauce). Alla-bari is a large prayer gathering followed by a feast. That name…

Adriyad (Cadriyad) Adriyad الشعيرية او العطرية

Adriyad 14

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Adriyad (cadriyad) is a traditional Somali dish prepared with vermicelli pasta. It is more common in the northern parts of Somalia where it is served as both a dessert dish or served with rice. In Brava, it is known as seewiya and it is usually served as a dessert during Ramadan…

Roasted Chicken (Digaag La Foorneeyay) Poulet Rôti دجاج محمر بالفرن

Chicken 1

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي I was in my second year of high school when the Somali government at the time decided to close all the schools for one academic year. All high school students were sent to the rural areas to participate in a literacy campaign (Rural Development Campaign). I was sent to Go’doon, a…

2 Sponge Cakes (2 Doolsho Soomaali) 2 Génoises ٢ كيك إسفنجي

2 Sponge Cakes (2 Doolsho Soomaali) ٢ كيك إسفنجي

English Af-Soomaali Français   A sponge cake was the first cake we baked in Somalia. The ingredients were: 6 eggs, 1 cup sugar, and 1 cup flour. The steps were: separate the yolks from the egg whites; beat the egg whites with the sugar until foamy; beat in the egg yolks, then gently add the…

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