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Adriyad (Cadriyad) Adriyad الشعيرية او العطرية

Adriyad 14

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Adriyad (cadriyad) is a traditional Somali dish prepared with vermicelli pasta. It is more common in the northern parts of Somalia where it is served as both a dessert dish or served with rice. In Brava, it is known as seewiya and it is usually served as a dessert during Ramadan…

Roasted Vegetables (Qudaar La Foorneeyay) Légumes Rôtis صينية الخضار بالفرن

Roasted Vegetables 1

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي It is not just children that are resistant to eating vegetables, many adults also need to be presented with healthy foods in a creative way. There are many ways to sneak vegetables into foods and get your family to eat healthy. This recipe, however, will not show you how to become…

Veggie Topping (Qudaar) Garniture de Légumes Sautés خضار للأرز

Veggie Topping (Khudaar) خضار للأرز

  This is a great way of introducing vegetables into meals for those who would not eat them otherwise. It is the way that most Somalis eat their veggies. Somali restaurants almost always serve some kind of veggie topping with the rice and meat dishes. Potatoes, carrots, and sweet peppers are a favourite choice. We…

Aromatic Rice (Bariis Udgoon) Riz Parfumé الأرز البسمتي بالبهارات

Aromatic Rice (Bariis Udgoon) ????? ??????? ?????????

  This rice dish is for those days when we grill, when we want a rice dish that is both easy and quick. It is recommended to soak basmati rice for at least an hour, so the grains will become elongated during cooking. However, for this dish we usually skip this step or let the…

Russian Salad (Insalaadda Ruuso) Salade Russe

Russian Salad (Insalaadda Ruuso)

  In Somalia, we remember this salad being prepared and served whenever important guests were invited. It was known as Insalaaddo Ruuso which is the Somalization of the Italian Insalata Russa (Russian Salad). This salad having originated in Russia, has many variations in different parts of the world. We usually serve this dish as a side…

Spinach, Carrots, & Potatoes (Mbogga/Isbinaasho) Epinards, Carottes, Pommes de Terre

Spinach, Carrots, & Potatoes (Mbogga/Isbinaasho)

  This is a healthy and great-tasting vegetable dish made of spinach and chunky mashed potatoes and carrots. You can serve it as a side dish or you can eat it with bread, muufo, anjero, rice, or you can even toss it with fresh pasta.  It is an easy dish and is nutritious at the…

Potato & Cumin Rice (Bariis iyo Bataato) (Pilau) Pilaf de Riz aux Pommes de Terre et au Cumin

Potato & Cumin Rice (Pilau)

  This is an easy and tasty rice dish. It brings back beautiful memories of Mombasa, Kenya. However, this dish is not limited to Kenya but is popular in many parts of East Africa. The cumin seeds gives it a flavour that is hard to resist and the potatoes make it very delicious. There are…

Mixed Vegetables (Qudaar) Légumes mélangés

Mixed Vegetables (Khudaar)

Somalis have very few vegetarian dishes. In the southern part of Somalia, where most of the agriculture is concentrated, more vegetables are consumed. For most Somalis, vegetables are added to meat dishes. Potatoes, carrots, green peppers, pumpkins, and plantains are popular. The following is a vegan recipe that is both nutritious and flavourful. The vegetables are…

Samosas (Sambuus)

Samosas (Sambuus)

It’s crispy, beefy, spicy, and moreish. That is the description of the Somali samosa. We have yet to come across someone who didn’t fall in love with it at first bite. Somalis love their samosas and it is the cornerstone of the asariye (Somali afternoon tea). It is usually served with qamdi or bur, bajiyo, and…

Somali Rice Topping – Garniture de Riz Somali

Somali Rice Topping

  Somali rice with toppings evokes old memories of family gatherings, and festive occasions.  It reminds me particularly of ziyaras (rememberences) where large numbers of women gather to cook rice and meat in huge pots set on open fires. I remember my grandparents’ house in Mogadishu, where a ziyara was held once a year to…

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