Samosa Pastry (Burka Sambuuska) Pâte à Samosa عجينة السمبوسه

Samosa Pastry (Burka Sambuuska) Pâte à Samosa عجينة السمبوسه

Unless you are hard pressed for time, making samosa pastry from scratch is well worth the effort and time. Homemade samosa pastry tastes much better than any store bought variety. Apart from the taste, you have full control over the texture of the pastry, the oil and salt content, and the type of flour. In addition, there are no food additives and preservatives.

Whenever we make samosa pastry, we usually prepare a large batch. We use some and freeze the remainder for later use. We defrost them and they are ready to use by the time the filling is ready.

This recipe is different from many other recipes for homemade samosa pastry in one important aspect. You get very pretty samosas unlike the ones made with soft, flabby pastry that is a challenge to hold and work with. Granted, the floppy pastry is easier to make, but we believe it should be not used for making triangular samosas. We hope to post a recipe that uses the soft pastry for a shape that will make the samosas look much nicer.


A moins de vraiment manquer de temps, fabriquer soi-même la pâte à samosa récompensera vos efforts et le temps consacré. La pâte à samosa faite maison a bien meilleur goût que toutes les feuilles que l’on peut trouver dans le commerce. En plus du goût, vous avez la liberté de choix de sa texture, de sa teneur en huile et en sel, et de la variété de farin