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Mint Lemonade (Casiir Liin Dhanaan) Limonade à la Menthe عصير الليمون بالنعناع


English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Barbecue season has begun and we already hosted our first major barbecue party for the season with many more to come, God willing. Fresh, ice-cold lemonade is one of the best drinks for summer barbecue gatherings. When you add fresh mint to it, it becomes even more refreshing. We grow lots…

Qamar al-Din (Qamaraddiin) قمر الدين


English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Qamar al-din is a juice prepared from dried apricot paste. It is a very popular drink for breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan. The origin of qamar al-din can be traced to Syria and from there it spread to many parts of the Middle East and North Africa. The…

Orange & Mandarin Juice (Casiir Oranjo & Mandariino) Jus d’Orange & Mandarine عصير البرتقال والماندرين

Orange & Mandarin Juice 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Orange & Mandarin Juice This is a simple and delicious juice made from navel and mandarin oranges. The juice is very refreshing and has an amazing flavour because we used mandarin orange peel to prepare it. Orange peel has many nutritional benefits, however, the pith of navel oranges is quite…

Avocado Smoothie (Casiir Afokaado) Smoothie à l’avocat عـصـيـر الأفـوكـادو

Avocado Smoothie 5 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي <h1 >Avocado Smoothie   <p > This is our favourite milkshake. It is creamy, smooth, and has a rich buttery taste. And it has none of the guilt associated with gulping down an icecream milkshake made with real cream. When made with the right ingredients, it becomes a healthy indulgence. Use…

Papaya (Babbaay) Papaye


  Some people eat a papaya because of its health benefits: for aiding digestion, for balancing stomach acid, for helping prevent colon cancer, and for being a good laxative. We love eating papayas because they are delicious. If anything can embody the tropics, it is a papaya! Feast your eyes with this beautiful fruit and don’t…

Somali Champagne -Simulated Camel Milk (Caano Geel) Champagne Somali

Somali Champagne (Simulated Camel Milk)

  The Horn of Africa boasts the largest number of camels in the world.  Camels have been domesticated in Somalia for more than 2000 years.  In an article in Aramco World, the Somali camel has been described as follows: “The Somali camels seem by far the most regal, and they are the most expensive. Looking…

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