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Flour Tortillas (Tortiya) Tortillas de Blé خبز تورتيا

Flour Tortillas - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Flour Tortillas For Somalis and East Africans in general, these flour tortillas are a healthier version of chapati. The ingredients are the same, the difference being the quantity of oil used and the method of rolling out the dough. East African chapati is prepared with a lot more oil, making…

Cheese Pide (Biitsa Turki Farmaajo Leh) Pide au Fromage بيتزا تركية بالجبنة

Cheese Pide - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Cheese Pide We were introduced to pide on our recent trip to Turkey. It was love at first bite. Some know them as Turkish pizza but they have a character of their own. Pide are similar in shape to fatayer but the dough is different. With fatayer, you aim for…

Easy Lahmacun (Laxam Bicajiin) Lahmacun Facile لحم بعجين

Lahmacun 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Lahmacun We received several requests from our Somali viewers asking us to prepare a dish from Turkey. The Turkish government and its people have helped Somalia in its hour of need and they are still helping. Somalis are grateful for this much-needed help and it is for this reason that…

Honeycomb Bread (Rooti Shinnidhaab) Pain nid d’abeille خلية النحل

Honeycomb Bread 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Honeycomb Bread We usually bake this bread during the month of Ramadan (the month of fasting for Muslims) and serve it as a sweet dish. The soft, cheese-filled bread is soaked with a sugar syrup that makes it particularly suitable for iftar. One of the main objectives of Ramadan is…

Somali Puff Puff (Bur Saliid) Puff Puff Somali الـمـقـلـيـة

Somali Puff Puff 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Somali Puff Puff Most cultures have some form of fried dough: puff puffs, fry dough, beignet, zeppole, bofrot, loukoumades, etc. Somalis know it as bur saliid. It is a popular street food that is served as a snack. Bur saliid with samosas, bajiya, and tea make a great casariye (afternoon…

Pita Bread (Ceesh) Pain Pita الخبز – العيش

Pita Bread 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Pita Bread There is something magical about baking pita bread at home. We do not do it because of the cost, even though homemade pita is cheaper than the store-bought variety. We like watching pitas puff up in the oven and we like letting the steam out of them and…

Bread Rolls (Rooti Jilicsan) Petits Pains خبز رولز

Bread Rolls (Rooti Jilicsan) خبز رولز

  There are many reasons for baking your own bread. It tastes much better than store bought bread, has no preservatives, and the smell of freshly baked bread is priceless. You have full control of what goes into your bread: the amount of salt, sugar (if any), type of flour, etc…  In Somalia, bread was…

Ambabur (Cambaabur) Ambabur لحوح بالبهارات

Ambabur (Cambaabur) لحوح بالبهارات

  This flat bread is very popular as a breakfast item that is usually served during the Eid. It is similar to Anjero but it has additional ingredients that make it different. Ambabur has different spices added to the batter that give it a special taste. The types of spices added can vary from one…

Pizza 4 Ways (Biitso 4 Nooc) Pizza 4 Façons البيتزا – 4 انواع

Pizza 4 Ways (Biitso 4 Nooc) البيتزا - 4 انواع

  In a previous post, we told you the story of Hooyo Fadumo’s beginnings with cooking and her fish debacle. Wanting to learn, she sought out anyone who could teach her: family, friends, and even total strangers. She tells the story of how she approached a Somali cook who was working for an Italian neighbour….

Mashmash (Mashmash – Bishbishi) Mashmash مشمش

Mashmash (Mashmash - Bishbishi) مشمش

Mashmash (rhymes with hush-hush) is a classic Somali snack that is usually paired with samosas. It is on the greasy side but in Somalia, greasy was not always associated with bad. There was a time when oily meant nutritious. We remember seeing construction workers in Mogadishu using mashmash as a sandwich filling. At the time…