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Baba Ghanoush (Baabaqanuuj) بابا غنوج

Baba Ghanoush 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Baba Ghanoush Baba ghanoush without yogurt and tahini sauce? Well, the one with yogurt and tahini is not baba ghanoush but is known as mutabbal. Both are great appetizers and are part of mezze, a spread of appetizers served in the Levantine countries. Served with piping hot pita bread, they…

Easy Lahmacun (Laxam Bicajiin) Lahmacun Facile لحم بعجين

Lahmacun 1 - Somali Food Blog

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Lahmacun We received several requests from our Somali viewers asking us to prepare a dish from Turkey. The Turkish government and its people have helped Somalia in its hour of need and they are still helping. Somalis are grateful for this much-needed help and it is for this reason that…

Chicken Lollipop (Garbo Digaag La-Shiilay) Ailes de Poulet en Sucette عيدان اجنحة الدجاج

Chicken Lollipop (Garbo Digaag La-Shiilay) عيدان اجنحة الدجاج

  We know how kids love finger foods, especially out of the ordinary foods like chicken lollipops. We also know that most kids do not like eating vegetables. Our solution is to use the carrot and stick approach. Never mind those studies that tell you it is the wrong approach, because ours is a totally…

Coconut Shrimp (Qooqane Qumbe Leh) Crevettes Coco جمبري بجوز الهند

Coconut Shrimp (Qooqane Qumbe Leh) جمبري بجوز الهند

  We never had shrimp in Somalia. We also never ate lobster there, or any other type of shellfish for that matter. Somalis did not consider those creatures worthy eating. Whenever fisherman found them in their nets, they tossed them back to the sea. Somalia has the longest coastline in mainland Africa and has an…

Beef & Lamb Fatayer (Fataa’ir) Chaussons au Boeuf et a l’Agneau فطائر باللحم

Fatayer (Fataa'ir) فطائر باللحم

  For Middle Eastern recipes, we owe a lot to Jeddah where we lived for several years. With so many expatriate friends as well as all the different types of restaurants, it was very easy to fall in love with Middle Eastern cooking. Leila was not working at the time (just like most of the…

Beef Samosas (Sambuus) سمبوسه

Beef Samosas (Sambuus) سمبوسه

In the early seventies, an informal survey was conducted in some of Mogadishu’s teashops. The question was: “According to you, what is the most enjoyable thing in the world?” The top answer was: “To sit outside a teashop where the sand has been sprayed with water (i.e. no blowing sand), with a cup of tea…

Samosa Pastry (Burka Sambuuska) Pâte à Samosa عجينة السمبوسه

Samosa Pastry (Burka Sambuuska) عجينة السمبوسه

Unless you are hard pressed for time, making samosa pastry from scratch is well worth the effort and time. Homemade samosa pastry tastes much better than any store bought variety. Apart from the taste, you have full control over the texture of the pastry, the oil and salt content, and the type of flour. In…

Lamb Soup for the Soul (Fuud Ari) Bouillon d’Agneau pour l’âme

Somali Lamb Soup (Fuud Ari)

If you go to a Somali restaurant, you’ll probably be welcomed with a small bowl of hot broth. Sometimes it is chicken broth but more often than not it is lamb broth. It won’t be the cheese-laden, cream-filled variety; the traditional Somali soup is simple and very aromatic. Somalis usually don’t prepare this soup as…

Mahamri (Qamdi) Pain Frit Sucré الباخمري

Qamdi and Samosas

  This triangular Sweet Fried Bread, known as Qamdi in Somalia, is similar to a doughnut but is less sweet. In cities across Somalia, qamdi as well as bur (Fry Dough) are common fare served in food stalls in marketplaces, in eateries spread along main thoroughfares, and is sold by street vendors. Qamdi originated in…

Samosas (Sambuus)

Samosas (Sambuus)

It’s crispy, beefy, spicy, and moreish. That is the description of the Somali samosa. We have yet to come across someone who didn’t fall in love with it at first bite. Somalis love their samosas and it is the cornerstone of the asariye (Somali afternoon tea). It is usually served with qamdi or bur, bajiyo, and…

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