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Bread Rolls (Rooti Jilicsan) Petits Pains خبز رولز

Bread Rolls (Rooti Jilicsan) خبز رولز

  There are many reasons for baking your own bread. It tastes much better than store bought bread, has no preservatives, and the smell of freshly baked bread is priceless. You have full control of what goes into your bread: the amount of salt, sugar (if any), type of flour, etc…  In Somalia, bread was…

Ambabur (Cambaabur) Ambabur لحوح بالبهارات

Ambabur (Cambaabur) لحوح بالبهارات

  This flat bread is very popular as a breakfast item that is usually served during the Eid. It is similar to Anjero but it has additional ingredients that make it different. Ambabur has different spices added to the batter that give it a special taste. The types of spices added can vary from one…

Pizza 4 Ways (Biitso 4 Nooc) Pizza 4 Façons البيتزا – 4 انواع

Pizza 4 Ways (Biitso 4 Nooc) البيتزا - 4 انواع

  In a previous post, we told you the story of Hooyo Fadumo’s beginnings with cooking and her fish debacle. Wanting to learn, she sought out anyone who could teach her: family, friends, and even total strangers. She tells the story of how she approached a Somali cook who was working for an Italian neighbour….

Mashmash (Mashmash – Bishbishi) Mashmash مشمش

Mashmash (Mashmash - Bishbishi) مشمش

Mashmash (rhymes with hush-hush) is a classic Somali snack that is usually paired with samosas. It is on the greasy side but in Somalia, greasy was not always associated with bad. There was a time when oily meant nutritious. We remember seeing construction workers in Mogadishu using mashmash as a sandwich filling. At the time…

Somali Malawah (Malawax) Malawah الملوًّح الصومالي

Somali Malawah (Malawax) الملوًّح الصومالي

  What is round, goes around, comes around. To us, that sums the story of the Somali Malawah (Malawax). We wish to think that the crepe originated in the Horn of Africa. The Horn is the home of the Ethiopian Injera, the Eritrean Injera, Somali Anjero or Lahoh, Malawah, and Ambaabur. It is not clear…

Beef & Lamb Fatayer (Fataa’ir) Chaussons au Boeuf et a l’Agneau فطائر باللحم

Fatayer (Fataa'ir) فطائر باللحم

  For Middle Eastern recipes, we owe a lot to Jeddah where we lived for several years. With so many expatriate friends as well as all the different types of restaurants, it was very easy to fall in love with Middle Eastern cooking. Leila was not working at the time (just like most of the…

Eritrean Injera & Zigni (Canjeero iyo Signi) Injera d’Erytrée et Zigni زقني وإنجيرا أرترية

Eritrean Injera & Zigni (Canjeero iyo Zigni)

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Eritrean Injera & Zigni Many stories can be told through food. Food transcends borders and it can connect us and become a means of creating goodwill between people. From the beginning, our objective was to reach out to our neighbours and to understand them through their culture. This meal was…

Somali Chapati (Sabaayad) Chapati Somali

Somali Chapati (Sabaayad)

  This flatbread is different from the Indian chapati and is more like a paratha. The Somali chapati (sabaayad) is crispy on the outside and flaky and tender inside. It is slightly sweet, and it is cooked to a golden colour with a little oil. This style of chapati is popular in many parts of East…

Somali Anjero (Canjeero) Anjero Somali

Somali Anjero (Canjeero)

  Somalis have their version of Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! Only it’s not a nursery rhyme, it’s not about buns, and it’s not about something that you give to your daughters or sons. It’s a street cry, it’s about anjero, and you give it to the lion in the house. That lion of…

Mahamri (Qamdi) Pain Frit Sucré الباخمري

Qamdi and Samosas

  This triangular Sweet Fried Bread, known as Qamdi in Somalia, is similar to a doughnut but is less sweet. In cities across Somalia, qamdi as well as bur (Fry Dough) are common fare served in food stalls in marketplaces, in eateries spread along main thoroughfares, and is sold by street vendors. Qamdi originated in…

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