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Apple Fritters (Bur Tufaax) Beignets aux Pommes فطائر التفاح


English Af-Soomaali Français عربي We wanted to post the recipe for apple fritters ever since our visit to the Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival. The festival is held once a year in beautiful Stratford, Ontario, a city alive with art and culture. The culinary festival brings together food lovers, award-winning chefs, local artisan producers…

Fava Bean & Chickpea Salad (Insalaaddo Digir) Salade de Fèves et Pois Chiches سلطة الفول والحمص


English Af-Soomaali Français عربي This is an easy, healthy salad that we love. You can snack on it between meals, have it as a side, or have a bowl of it for lunch. Most people do not associate healthy with delicious but this salad is yummy as well as healthy. We used canned fava beans…

Somali Pancakes (Bur Shubaal) بان كيك صومالي


English Af-Soomaali عربي Bur shubaal is a traditional Somali pancake and is a popular street food. It was sold by street vendors and was available in the markets, in front of schools, offices, and neighbourhood gathering spots. It is a sweet, unleavened pancake that is great with tea for a quick breakfast on the go….

Firni (Farni Cad) مهلبية


English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Firni is not one of the foods we were familiar with growing up in Somalia. It was egg custard and tapioca pudding that we were accustomed to. Firni has a magic of its own. Even before digging in with your spoon and tasting its satiny-smooth texture, this dessert will excite your…

Quesadillas (Keesadiya) الكاساديا


English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Many of us have been waiting for it for four years and it is that time again. The World Cup, which is the most-watched sporting event in the world, has begun. What we like most about the month-long event is the social aspect. It is not much fun watching World Cup…

Masoub (Feetamuus) معصوب


English Af-Soomaali Français عربي This dish is popular in the Arabian Peninsula as well as Somalia. It is considered a high energy dish that is served for breakfast or during colder days. In Somalia, restaurants also serve this dish for lunch and dinner. There are different ways of preparing this dish, each region having its…

Creme Brulee (Kareem Burulee) Crème Brûlée كريم بروليه

Creme Brulee - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Creme Brulee In Somalia, we were familiar with creme caramel. It was known as doolshe banaadir and was served in some restaurants. It was also one of the desserts that were prepared in our homes whenever guests were invited. Creme brulee is the richer cousin of creme caramel but we…

Somali Corn Flatbread (Muufo Soomaali) Galette de Maïs Somali خبز التنور – الميفا

Somali Corn Flatbread - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Somali Corn Flatbread In Somali, this corn flatbread is known as muufo tinaar or simply muufo. We believe the word muufo came from the Arabic word mofa موفا. Mofa and mifa ميفا are other names for the tanoor تنور or tandoor oven. It is our theory that the name mofa…

Cream Cheese Frosting (Kareemo Farmaajo) Glaçage au Cream Cheese كريمة الجبنة

Cream Cheese Frosting - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Cream Cheese Frosting We prepared this frosting for the carrot cake that we made earlier. However, it is also great with other desserts such as chocolate cake, red velvet cake, cinnamon rolls, and cookies to name a few. We make two versions depending on the intended use. Most of the…

Carrot Cake (Doolshe Karooto) Gâteau à la Carotte كيك الجزر

Carrot Cake  - Featured Image

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Carrot Cake We were always very fond of carrot cake but we know several family members as well as friends who would prefer to have no cake rather than eating a carrot cake. That is until they tried this cake. When we started working on this recipe we had a…

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