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Liver & Onions (Beer iyo Basal) Foie aux Oignons

Liver & Onions (Beer iyo Basal)

With all the health scares, liver has gotten a bad rap lately. There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the dangers of eating liver. Apart from being a superfood, liver prepared the right way is very delicious. When it comes to liver, it is good to follow these guidelines: a) buy fresh liver,…

Beef Cubes with Vegetables (Suqaar) Cubes de Boeuf aux Légumes

Beef Cubes with Vegetables (Suqaar)

The Somali name for this dish is Hilib Suqaar Ah or just Suqaar for short. The word suqaar comes from the Arabic word (صغار) which means “small ones.” The small ones referred to here are of course the very small cubes of beef. There is also chicken suqaar. If you order suqaar in a Somali…