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Butter & Yoghurt Cake (Doolshe Buuro 2) Gâteau au Beurre et au Yaourt

Butter & Yoghurt Cake (Doolshe Buuro 2)

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Butter & Yoghurt Cake In Somalia, this was the closest thing we had to a fruitcake. Raisins were always special and were reserved for decorating and topping the festive rice as well adding to cakes. Apart from this cake, the only other cake we remember that had fruits was Panettone,…

Pound Cake (Doolshe Buuro) Quatre-Quarts باوند كيك

Pound Cake (Doolshe Buuro)

English Af-Soomaali Français عربي Pound Cake Pound cakes were some of the few cakes that were popular in Somalia. They were second in popularity to sponge cakes. Pound cakes were sold in teashops but they were not baked there. They were sold to the teashops by ladies who baked them at home and the…

Yeasted Cake (Doolshe Qamiir) Gâteau Levé

Yeasted Cake

The Bravanese call this cake Mkate wa Khamiiri. They also know it as Ja, Teka (Eat & Smile).  Yes, it will bring a smile to your face but it will also test your patience.  In my opinion, this cake benefits from being cooled completely and let to rest for a few hours before eating it.  Actually, I…

Rice Cake (Macsharo) Gâteau de Riz (Mkate wa Maashara)

Rice Cake (Mkate wa Maashara)

This is the Bravanese (Brava, Somalia) take on the honeycomb rice cake that has different versions that are made all over Asia. It is sweet, soft and springy. The yeast gives it a spongy texture that lends it the ability to soak sauces. The name comes from the deep dish it is served in. In some…

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