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Bajiya (Bajiyo)


  Ahh! Bajiya! We just love them. How can you not? Eat them fresh and you will become addicted. Bajiyas, are a regular fixture on iftar tables (breaking the fast in Ramadan), they are part of the Asariyo Quartet (one of the four essential elements of the Somali Afternoon Tea), and they are the ultimate…

Somali Style Lamb Liver, Heart, & Kidneys (Beer iyo Kilyo La Solay)

Somali Style Goat Liver, Heart, & Kidneys

It’s not uncommon for a Somali to start a letter as follows: Waxaan kuusoo diraayaa salaan kasoo go’day beerka iyo wadnaha.   Literal translation: I am sending you greetings that have emanated from my liver and heart! Actual translation: Greetings from the depths of my heart. For Somalis, it’s not just the heart that flutters…

Fried Shark with Caramelized Onions (Malaay La Shiilay) Mpaampa

Fried Shark 1

Nowadays, sharks are under tremendous threat from commercial over-fishing and the cruel practice of harvesting their prized fins (shark finning).  With shark finning, the shark is discarded after its dorsal fin is cut off and it is left to die.  These practices have to be stopped, but it has to be done in a sensible…

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