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Roasted Chicken Drumsticks (Lugo Digaag La-foorneeyay) Cuisses de Poulet Rôties دجاج محمر بالفرن

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks (Lugo Digaag La-foorneeyay) دجاج محمر بالفرن

  When we roasted these chicken drumsticks, we took them to a gathering at a friend’s house. One of her guests tried them and she said to us, “I have never had chicken this good in my WHOLE LIFE! I am a chef and I know what I am talking about.” Wow! What an amazing…

Chicken Parmesan (Kutuleeti Digaag) Escalope de Poulet Panée au Parmesan دجاج بجبن البارميزان

Chicken Parmesan (Kutuleeti Digaag) دجاج بجبن البارميزان

  In this recipe, we did not follow the traditional method of preparing chicken parmesan. We asked ourselves, “Why prepare crispy chicken parmesan, then make it soggy with marinara sauce?” Fresh mozzarella is also always best fresh. In our version, all the components are on the plate, with the marinara sauce served on top of…

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