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Roasted Chicken Drumsticks (Lugo Digaag La-foorneeyay) Cuisses de Poulet Rôties دجاج محمر بالفرن

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks (Lugo Digaag La-foorneeyay) دجاج محمر بالفرن

  When we roasted these chicken drumsticks, we took them to a gathering at a friend’s house. One of her guests tried them and she said to us, “I have never had chicken this good in my WHOLE LIFE! I am a chef and I know what I am talking about.” Wow! What an amazing…

Pizza 4 Ways (Biitso 4 Nooc) Pizza 4 Façons البيتزا – 4 انواع

Pizza 4 Ways (Biitso 4 Nooc) البيتزا - 4 انواع

  In a previous post, we told you the story of Hooyo Fadumo’s beginnings with cooking and her fish debacle. Wanting to learn, she sought out anyone who could teach her: family, friends, and even total strangers. She tells the story of how she approached a Somali cook who was working for an Italian neighbour….

Mashmash (Mashmash – Bishbishi) Mashmash مشمش

Mashmash (Mashmash - Bishbishi) مشمش

Mashmash (rhymes with hush-hush) is a classic Somali snack that is usually paired with samosas. It is on the greasy side but in Somalia, greasy was not always associated with bad. There was a time when oily meant nutritious. We remember seeing construction workers in Mogadishu using mashmash as a sandwich filling. At the time…

Vegetable Soup (Barooddo Qudaar) Soupe de Légumes شربة خضار

Vegetable Soup (Barooddo Qudaar) شربة خضار

  We learned how to make this soup from Hooyo¹ Fadumo Abdulle (Abdullahi’s mother). Hooyo Fadumo is an amazing cook but her story with cooking did not have the greatest start. Actually, it began with an embarrassing experience. Even though born and raised in Mogadishu, she comes from a family of pastoralists (reer miyi). At…

Somali Malawah (Malawax) Malawah الملوًّح الصومالي

Somali Malawah (Malawax) الملوًّح الصومالي

  What is round, goes around, comes around. To us, that sums the story of the Somali Malawah (Malawax). We wish to think that the crepe originated in the Horn of Africa. The Horn is the home of the Ethiopian Injera, the Eritrean Injera, Somali Anjero or Lahoh, Malawah, and Ambaabur. It is not clear…

Jerky-Style Beef Cubes (Oodkac/Muqmad) Cubes de Boeuf Façon Viande Séchée لحم بقري مجفف

Jerky-Style Beef Cubes (Oodkac - Muqmad) لحم بقري مجفف

  Oodkac or Muqmad is what Somalis prepare whenever they want to preserve meat. During times of plenty, that is the rainy days, the nomads save for a dry day. Rainy days bring abundance (barwaaqo), when the milk from the herd is flowing and meat becomes available.  The preserved meat was sometimes the only food…

Kalkals (Shushumoow – Zinanaande) Kalkal كلكل

Kalkals (Shushumoow - Zinanaande) كلكل

  There are sweets that you eat because they taste good; then there are those that go a step further by bringing back memories of your childhood, a way of life long gone, of places fondly missed. That is what shushumoow (kalkals) does for us. In Brava, Somalia, they are known as zinanaande or zinanoonde. …

Oat & Meat Soup (Shurbad) Soupe à l’Avoine et à la Viande شوربة الشوفان باللحم

Barley Soup (Shurbad) شوربة الحب - القمح

  There are foods we associate with certain occasions, and this soup is one such dish. Shurbad is synonymous with Ramadan (the month of fasting for Muslims). For breaking the fast, you need a highly nutritious dish that will catapult you from the world of the barely living to the heights of energetic vigour (assuming you…

Beef Samosas (Sambuus) سمبوسه

Beef Samosas (Sambuus) سمبوسه

In the early seventies, an informal survey was conducted in some of Mogadishu’s teashops. The question was: “According to you, what is the most enjoyable thing in the world?” The top answer was: “To sit outside a teashop where the sand has been sprayed with water (i.e. no blowing sand), with a cup of tea…

Coconut Burfi (Qumbe – Zinoolo za Naazi) Burfi à la Noix de Coco حلاوة النارجيل

Coconut Burfi (Qumbe - Zinoolo za Naazi) حلاوة النارجيل

These coconut sweets are a cross between milk fudge (Peera or Caana Baraawe in Somali) and the White Coconut Sweets (Qumbe Cad). They were one of our favourite sweets in Brava, Somalia. Making these sweets used to be time-consuming since it required that milk be reduced significantly. We remember the very long time spent standing and stirring…

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