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One-pot Rice & Goat Meat (Bariis Isku-karis) Potée de Riz à la Viande de Chèvre

One-pot Rice & Goat Meat (Bariis Isku-karis)

We have received so many requests to make this dish that we moved it up in the list of recipes that we want to post. It is quite understandable though why so many wanted us to post it. This one-pot rice dish can be very addictive. The flavour imparted to the rice from the goat…

Somali Rice (Bariis) Riz à la Somali

Somali Rice (Bariis Soomaali)

We have tried rice dishes from different parts of the world and we had some nice experiences.  One thing, however, never fails to amaze us.  It is how delicious Somali rice is, considering that it is not a staple food in Somalia.  Yes, Somali restaurants serve rice, but for the majority of Somali households in…

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